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Whether it be a french drain along the foundation of your home, surface drains placed in low areas of your property, or the necessity of a sump pump, we have a solution for all of your drainage problems.

Repairs are completed as quickly as possible, and not completed until the customer is aware of the price.  All repairs include 1 year warranty.



Saving water in landscape irrigation starts with a well designed system.  McGraw's Irrigation Systems has designed irrigation systems for numerous residential, commercial, educational, and church clients in the Dallas/Forth Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Brazos Valley areas.

Low voltage LED lighting is the style of lighting we use for various reasons.  LED light bulbs use less than 50% of the wattage consumed by fluorescent bulbs and less than 25% of the wattage consumed by incandescent bulbs, while still using the same amount of light.  Durability and maintenance are also advantages compared to its competitors

All installations are installed according to all Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and local ordinances.  All installations include a rain sensor, backflow prevention device, and manual valve to turn on and off the system.